Best Mexican Restaurant in Salem Indiana

In My Backyard Tour: El Maguey – Salem, IN

Y’all, my husband and I ACTUALLY HAD A DATE NIGHT! We haven’t been on a date since before the holidays and my father-in-law crashed it so I’m not even sure if that counts. LOL

Needless to say, we were so excited. Every time I get alone time with my husband, it feels like we are first dating again. Does anybody else feel that way? Like, I get butterflies still when I see my husband.

Anyways, we walked around our little town square, holding hands instead of holding our toddler. There hasn’t been enough time yet for our family to go explore all of the unique shops in the downtown. However, we were able to window shop (since the stores were closed!) and walked up an appetite. We have been eye-balling this restaurant since we moved to this area two months ago!

This restaurant was voted in the top 10 best Mexican Restaurants in Indiana and now I can see why!

The water came in the cutest carafe. I can see how this helps the servers not have to keep refilling drinks because there was enough water to last me the entire meal, and usually I go through at least two glasses during a meal.

I ordered my favorite cocktail, a classic mojito. Y’all. This was hands down the best mojito I have ever had in my life. It was the perfect combination of mint and lime, without tasting the alcohol. I hate it when a cocktail is made too strong and my heartburn sets in before I’ve finished half of it!

Of course we ordered some queso cheese dip. It was very smooth and the green chilies were at a perfect proportion. It was enough to get the flavor of green chilies, but not overpowering. They certainly have the recipe!

We decided to be cute and split an entree. The pictures of the fajitas looked mouth-watering so we settled on the steak and chicken fajitas for two. Best decision we made, honestly. It did take what seemed like a long time to get our food, but I truly think that is because the meat was freshly prepared.

Our entree came out in the coolest cauldron-type bowl with steam rolling off of the food. We could smell it before we saw it! The onions were perfectly carmelized and the meat was fully cooked with an amazing seasoning. I’m very sensitive to spicy food, but I had NO issues. There was an amazing flavor that we could enjoy without our mouths being on fire!

It was the type of meal that we didn’t say one word to each other until we had eaten our fill. So, yeah it was THAT good. Even though we each ate three tortillas full of fajitas, we had enough to take home. (Side note: it was just as good left over!) The prices were reasonable, too. We had three adult drinks, an appetizer, and a combo meat for two fajitas for around $45. That’s about standard for a date night, especially with alcohol.

Overall, we can’t wait to go back to this gem!

Stay tuned for more In My Backyard posts! I have lots of plans for adventures and food coming soon.

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